World War Z Trailer

I’m pretty much tired of zombies – in fact I would say that I’m officially fucking sick to death of them – ok, I sorta like the new season of Walking Dead, but you know what I mean, Zombie commercials, zombie walks, zombie this, zombie that.


the trailer for  the new Brad Pitt zombie film World War Z just came out and it looks alright. This one could be pretty cool. Check it out.

oh, one more thing I’m sick of…. movie trailers that use that music cue, “BAAAUUUUUUHHHHHH” then silence. Then something dramatic happens. Then that music cue again, “BAAAUUUUUUHHHHHH”. Over and over again. “BAAAUUUUUUHHHHHH”


The Mandelbrot Melee! Division 1: First Round Matches!

Ok here we go! Here are the first round fights for Division 1. Study the stats carefully and then vote for who you think kicks the most ass! The Winners of this round will go on to battle again in the 2nd round and have the chance to be crowned Division 1 Champion – that Champion will go on to battle the other division champs in the final showdown.







BACKGROUND: Born on the planet Corellia, Solo made his living as a space smuggler but soon joined the Rebellion and helped defeat the evil Empire.

FIGHTING STYLE: Not opposed to firing first, Solo has been known to rush head on into a herd of Stormtroopers, but also knows when hiding out and waiting to float away with the rest of the trash works too.

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Good Blaster at his side-hip

QUOTE: “Never tell me the odds.”



BACKGROUND: Teacher by day, roguish archaeologist by night. Indiana as a knack for finding himself in impossible to get out of situations, but he always finds a way to come out on top and always gets the girl.

FIGHTING STYLE: down and dirty and up close and personal. Not afraid to shoot an unarmed swordsmen either.


QUOTE: “I don’t know, I’m making this up as I go along.”

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The Mandelbrot Melee! Coming this month!

Ever wonder who would win in a fight between Han Solo and Indiana Jones? Or how about battle between Jaws and and The Giant Squid from 20,ooo Leagues Under the Sea? Well wonder no further – The Mandelbrot Melee is here to help. Now, with the help of PollDaddy you can vote for your favorites every day this month in a BATTLE ROYALE!

I’ve broken the contenders down into 5 Divisions:


This group contains men and woman will no special powers or enhancements. All they have are their wits, skill, ingunuity and overall bad-assness!

[ Example: James Bond, Ellen Ripley from the Alien movies, Batman… ]


Here in this group are the giants, creatures, and other inhuman beasts.

[ Example: King Kong, The Dragon from Dragonslayer, Swamp Thing… ]


In this division we have the mystical and unexplained. If you can cast spells or have somehow come to life thanks to sorcery or other witchcraft, then you have a place in Division 3.

[ Example: Gandalf, Chucky, Dracula, Medusa from Clash of the Titans… ]


Things from other worlds dominate division 4. Aliens and creatures not from Earth will battle it out to see who reigns supreme!

Example: John Carpenters The Thing, The Space Worm from Empire Strikes Back, The Predator… ]


In our last Division are the metal powerhouses. Maybe they were once men, or maybe they even look like a man, but inside gears churn and diodes dilate.

[ Example: The T-1000, RoboCop, The Joker Truck from Maximum Overdrive… ]

So there you have it – starting this month (maybe even later today!) you will get the chance to weigh in on these massive matches. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will come out on top as the Ultimate Champion? It’s all up to you!

31 Days of Halloween! #1. The Exorcist

I’m counting down my favorite 31 Horror Movies of all time. Every day this month I’ll feature one movie from my list – starting on Oct 1st with #31 and ending  on the Oct 31st, Halloween, with my #1 favorite scary movie.




#1. The Exorcist (1973)

Directed by: William Friedkin

Starring: Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow, Jason Miller, Linda Blair

Plot: A movie actress taking up temporary residence in Washington D.C. has her troubles. The script for the movie she’s filming seems inadequate. Her ex, who is also the father of her adolescent daughter, Regan, neglects to call the girl on her birthday. And the attic has rats. Meanwhile, Father Karras, a priest and a psychiatrist, is losing his faith; and he’s dealing with a sick mother who needs medical care he hasn’t the money to provide. Another priest, the old and ailing Father Merrin, has just returned from Iraq with forebodings of evil. These three persons meet when the sweet and cheerful Regan turns foul-mouthed and violent. But her sickness is beyond the reach of a medical doctor or a psychiatrist. What Regan needs is an exorcist.

My Thoughts

H.P Lovecraft wrote, “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.The Exorcist taps into that primal fear unlike any other work of fiction. Our fear of the unknown is put on glorious display in William Friedkin’s 1973 horror film and once it was seen, things would never be the same. The Exorcist is based on William Peter Blatty’s novel of the same name, which in turn was based on a real life event that took place in Maryland in 1949 where a young boy was supposedly possessed by a demon and given an exorcism – and it seemed to have cured him. I won’t waste time going into the debate of whether or not demon possession is real or just a brain disorder, I’ll just say that this is a real phenomenon where the cause is, you guessed it, unknown. So why do we love to be frightened? Why do we flock the the theaters to see a 12 year old girl turn into a hideous demon? Is it because we need to be scared to remind ourselves of the goodness of our lives? To be able to experience something so horrendous from a distance, like a voyeur? It’s probably these reasons and more but the bottom line is – we just love a good scare. The Exorcist does an excellent job of that. I’ve heard it said by filmmakers that the more outlandish and ridiculous the subject matter the more seriously the director needs to approach it. Friedkin took this notion to heart and set out to make not just a horror movie but a movie that rings true and doesn’t take any shortcuts or cheats the viewer. It’s a movie that never backs down or turns away, even when what we are seeing is abominable and leaves us with a sick feeling in the pit of our stomach. The power of The Exorcist lies in the camera never flinching and thus exposing us to lurid and savage scenes. We are forced to bare witness to a battle between good and evil. To a battle of faith and unbelieving. Battles that we face in our own lives day to day, but never to the degree that’s displayed in The Exorcist. And I guess in the end that is why this movie has stood the test of time, and continues to scare generation after generation – because through fear we feel alive.

31 Days of Halloween! #2. Salem’s Lot

I’m counting down my favorite 31 Horror Movies of all time. Every day this month I’ll feature one movie from my list – starting on Oct 1st with #31 and ending  on the Oct 31st, Halloween, with my #1 favorite scary movie.




#2. Salem’s Lot (1979)

Directed by: Tobe Hooper

Starring: David Soul, James Mason, Bonnie Bedelia, Lew Ayres

Plot: Salem’s Lot is a town which a new member, Mr. Straker, has taken as his new “home”, and has a mysterious partner, namely Mr. Barlow. Not too long after Straker arrives in Salem’s Lot, people start disappearing from sight and dying from odd causes, and no one is sure why, including Ben Mears who is in town to write a new book on the town’s rumored haunted house called the Marsten House, which overlooks the town and hides a terrible secret about to be unleashed.

My Thoughts

All totaled I figure I lost about 582 hours of sleep thanks to the Salem’s Lot mini series. I was 8 when this this made for TV movie first aired and I remember my parents would not let me watch it – but I did see the ad’s in the TV Guide and paperback book in Safeway showing the vampire Barlow, in all his Nosferatu glory. But it really wasn’t Barlow that haunted my pre-teen nights, it was the other vampires in the movie – the townsfolk that have been bitten by Barlow and turned into the most appalling bloodsucking undead creatures ever shown in film. These vampires are unholy abominations that exist only to feed and damn the living to hell. This is how vampires should be portrayed  I’ve railed for years about how I hate the “romantic” vampire – I mean, there are some movies out there were it shows that vampire curse to be almost the opposite – that being a vampire is pretty awesome! You get to stay up all night, fly, turn into bats and wolfs, get to have sex with hot chicks, can’t die, live forever, mind control people, shit man, if this the case fucking turn me into a vampire RIGHT NOW! But in Salem’s Lot being a vampire is possibly the worst thing that could ever happen to a human being. It does not look fun. Anyway, yeah I love this movie. I still get the chills when the kid vampire floats outside the window of his friend, scratching at the window, asking to be let in. I mean, just writing that sentence I got creeped out. Stay away from the Rob Lowe remake – it’s bullshit – stick with this one. In fact, go out right now and buy this at your local video store or record store or wherever you can find old DVD’s for sale and watch it tonight. It’s the perfect film to get you in the mood for Halloween tomorrow. It’ll be playing tonight at my house for sure.


31 Days of Halloween! #3. An American Werewolf in London

I’m counting down my favorite 31 Horror Movies of all time. Every day this month I’ll feature one movie from my list – starting on Oct 1st with #31 and ending  on the Oct 31st, Halloween, with my #1 favorite scary movie.




#3. An American Werewolf in London (1981)

Directed by: John Landis

Starring: David Naughton, Jenny Agutter, Griffin Dunne

Plot: Two American students are on a walking tour of Britain and are attacked by a Werewolf. One is killed, the other is mauled. The Werewolf is killed but reverts to its human form, and the local townspeople are unwilling to acknowledge its existence. The surviving student begins to have nightmares of hunting on four feet at first but then finds that his friend and other recent victims appear to him, demanding that he find a way to die to release them from their curse, being trapped between worlds because of their unnatural deaths

My Thoughts

Werewolves are one of my favorite monsters, right after vampires. The trouble is there are very few werewolf movies that are good. There is the classic 1941 Wolfman with Lon Chaney Jr. and a few of the sequels that followed that are pretty good – not scary but very atmospheric, and that goes a long way. But then, for like years, nothing. Sure there were some attempts like that one werewolf movie starring Oliver Reed and one with Peter Chushing The Beast Must Die  but really, there was nothing worth writing about until the year 1981 rolled around. By ’81 the special effects field had grown by leaps and bounds and now Hollywood was able to give us more realistic horror then ever before. This was good news for a young director named John Landis. Landis had been sitting on a screenplay he wrote for years called An American Werewolf in London. He was waiting until the time was right to make his monster movie. Waiting for special effects to get better – he knew it was only a matter of time before you could show a human transforming into a werewolf in real time, and not using old tired techniques like lap-dissolves. He was right, and in 1981 a make-up artist named Rick Baker showed the world for the first time how it would look if a man changed into a wolf – for fucking real. And it fucking ruled! Baker would go on to win the Academy Award for his work on this movie and pave the way for practical effects to change the horror genre for ever. An American Werewolf in London is a fantastic movie and a truly frightening one as well. One of the reasons this movie works so great as a horror movie is that we genuinely like the two American dudes hiking through England. David and Jack are our brothers, our uncles, our best friends, we know these guys, went to school with these guys, hung out with these guys. They are good dudes, and what happens to them is unreal and supremely horrific. It pains us to see then go through what they go through and what makes it even worse is that in all this terror and darkness they still manage to joke around and try and laugh – and that makes it all more painful. An American Werewolf in London is depressing yes, but it also one of the finest examples of a horror movie that has ever been made. There is nothing else like it. A remarkable film.