Get Ready for the Mandelbrot 31 Days of Halloween!

Starting on Monday, October 1st I will start the countdown of  my Top 31 Horror Films!

Monday October 1st will feature Horror Movie #31 on my list.

Tuesday October 2nd will feature Horror Movie #30 on my list.

So on and so on till I reach my my #1 Favorite Horror Film of all time on Halloween Day.

So get ready for 31 days of scary shit!

Go See a Movie This Weekend!

The films opening this weekend are not the best crop, but if you do venture out to the theater here are the few that get the Mandelbrot nod.


Directed by: Rian Johnson

Starring: Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt, Paul Dano

This movie seemed to come out of nowhere. I really haven’t heard anything about it until the last couple of weeks and what I’ve heard is that it’s pretty good. Gordon-Levitt plays a “Looper”, a mafia hitman of the future that can travel anywhere in time to whack people – but during one of Levitt’s assignments he finds out that he was sent to the future to kill his future self. Trippy man. What’s also trippy is J. G. Levitt undergoing special make-up effects to look more like a younger Bruce Willis. Eat your method-acting heart out Robert DiNiro.

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Movie Clip of the Week! 1972

Every Thursday I post a clip from a movie that you may not heard of but should see. This week it’s from the year 1972.

Cisco Pike – 1972

Directed by: Bill L. Norton

Starring: Kris Kristofferson, Gene Hackman, Karen Black, Harry Dean Stanton

Plot: The film centers on Cisco Pike (played by Kris Kristofferson), an out of luck and out of work musician, and Sergeant Leo Holland (played by Gene Hackman). Cisco is a former drug dealer who has been busted several times by Sgt. Holland, and one night Holland comes to the door and demands that Cisco move a large amount of marijuana for him or suffer jail. He has several misadventures selling the marijuana, meets up with Doug Sahm at a recording studio, has his friend Jesse Dupree visit (played by Harry Dean Stanton, billed as H.D. Stanton for this film), meets a pregnant rich girl and her friend, and tries to make good with the Sergeant in the time alloted to him.

New Comics Day! The Best Bets

Wednesday is New Comics Day, so get out there and buy some freakin’ comics why don’t ya. Here are 10 comics that I’ll be reading.

10. Batman Incorporated #0 – DC Comics

Written by: Grant Morrison & Chris Burnham

Drawn by: Frazier Irving

• Batman, Incorporated wants you!

• Batman has a war to fight, but first he must recruit an army to combat the menace of Leviathan.

• See how The Dark Knight assembled his lieutenants!

My Thoughts

Batman Inc is one of DC’s best comics out right now. Written by the always entertaining, never boring, Grant Morrison, Bat Inc. has so far escaped the revisionist stroke of the New 52. Too bad that Morrison will be leaving this title at issue 13.

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