Movie Clip of the Week: 1971

Every Thursday I’ll be posting a Clip/Scene/Quote from movies that you may not have seen but should, courtesy of  embedded YouTube clips.

Today it’s from a 1971 film, which just happens to be my birth year. Next Thursday it will be a clip from a 1972 film. So on and so on, till I get to 2013 and then I’ll start all over again.

Ok, here we go…..

Carnal Knowledge – 1971

Directed by: Mike Nichols

Starring: Jack Nicholson, Art Garfunkle, Ann Margret 

Plot: Sandy (Art Garfunkel) and Jonathan (Jack Nicholson) are roommates at Amherst College whose lives are explored and seem to offer a contrast to one another. Spanning a 25-year period, from their college years in the mid-1940s to middle aged adulthood in the early 1970s, the film explores their relationships with various women



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