Tuesdays Top 5!

Top 5 Boogalo Shrimp Breakdances!

#5. The First Dance Off with ElectroRock – from Breakin‘ 

This scene gets the number 5 billing due to ElectroRock turning out Boogalo Shrimp and Ozone. In all fairness Shrimp was obviously amped up and ready to put ElectroRock under, but lame ass Ozone held him back. Still, Boogalo busts out some sweet moves in the first battle. And be sure to check out Ice-T’s “Ski Goggle” look. Dope.


#4. The Aquafresh 3 Toothpaste Commercial – Japan

This could be the coolest commercial ever made. “Let’s push, pop, pump!”


#3. Boogaloo Shrimp as Urkel-Bot – Family Matters

I’m proud to say that I have never watched a full episode of Family Matters. I would however watch Urkel-Bot all fucking day! Sick moves.


#2. Dancing on the Ceiling – from Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo

Honestly, this scene is pretty fucking awesome and expertly filmed and it should be included in the Greatest Movie Dance Scenes of all time. Pretty amazing job by Boogaloo.

(just skip to the 1 minute mark to bypass Shrimp’s and Kelly’s talk – good god that’s some bad acting)


#1. The Broom Dance – from Breakin’

There was a period of about 12 months during the early 80’s when I was a a wannabe break-dancer. I wanted the parachute pants, one glove so I can spin on my hand, a painters hat (you know, the one with the flaps in the back). Me and my fellow pop-n-lockers from the neighborhood would get out the cardboard and spin on our backs till the sun went down. The reason for this madness? This scene right here. Fucking cool as fuck!


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