New Comics Day! The Best Bets

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10. Animal Man #13 – DC Comics

Written by: Jeff Lemire

Drawn by: Steve Pugh, Timothy Green II, & Joseph Silver

• It’s the story you’ve been waiting for: “ROTWORLD: THE RED KINGDOM”!

• Part one of a four-part epic in which the Earth has fallen to the Rot!

• Guest-starring Justice League Dark, Beast Boy and many other heroes and villains from the DC Universe!

My Thoughts

Thank God, the DC  books are back from the ZERO issues and on to the normal numbering. I’ve loved Animal Man since the start of the New 52 – it’s been one of the best of the bunch. Lemire is killing it. Also killing it is artist Steve Pugh and Timothy Green II (who is a good friend and I’m stoked that he is doing well in the comics world. I remember Timothy and me would spend late nights in the Lyons restaurant drawing comics and eating fries. Even back then the dude could draw the shit out things).

9. Swamp Thing #13 – DC Comics

Written by: Scott Snyder

Drawn by: Yanick Paquette


• Swamp Thing learns the truth of how the Earth fell to the Rot as seen in this month’s issues of ANIMAL MAN and FRANKENSTEIN: AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E.

• Guest-starring Poison Ivy, Deadman and The Parliament of Trees!

My Thoughts

I’ve been a huge fan of this new Swampy series, but lately its been a bit muddled by crossovers and zero issues, so it’ll be nice to get past all that and let the series move forward and build. But it still kicks ass and Snyder can write horror like nobody’s business.

8. Avengers vs. X-Men #12 – Marvel Comics

Written by: Jason Aaron

Drawn by: Adam Kubert

• Extra-sized final issue!

• It’s all come down to this!

• The final battle-as the world burns!

My Thoughts

Well we made it to the end of another massive comics crossover event. Overall the whole AvsX series has been pretty fun, if a little long (probably could have been told in 6 issues just as well). This book will kick start the new event at MarvelMARVEL NOW, which is Marvel pretty much rebooting their books over at number 1 (hmmm, seems like we’ve seen this somewhere before.)

7. Earth 2 #5 – DC Comics

Written by: James Robinson

Drawn by: Nicola Scott & Trevor Scott

• It’s the final showdown with GRUNDY!

• The Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and The Flash take on Grundy and the military’s hero, The Atom!

• The Green Lantern makes a choice that will change the course of Earth 2 forever!

My Thoughts

This comic is what the New 52 Justice League SHOULD have been. A great rebooting of a universe with excellent characterization and better costumes. This Earth feels way more important and detrimental then the Earth that Geoff Johns and Jim Lee gave us in Justice League. Get on board now while this series is still young. Good stuff.

6. Green Lantern #13 – DC Comics

Written by: Geoff Johns

Drawn by: Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy

• “Rise of the Third Army”!

• Earth’s new Green Lantern battles The Justice League!

• Meanwhile, The Guardians begin their final step in the destruction of the Lanterns by releasing the first of the Third Army soldiers!

My Thoughts

I’m barely hanging on to this series. What started off great has gotten a bit by the numbers and overblown. Johns is taking the focus off of Hal Jordan again, which pisses me off. I’m buying the fucking Green Lantern comic to read about the fucking Green Lantern! And regardless who gets to wear a Power Ring, the Green Lantern is Hal Jordan – always has been and always will be. Get back on track Johns!

5. Uncanny X-Force #32 – Marvel Comics

Written by: Rick Remender

Drawn by: Phil Noto

• FINAL EXECUTION nears its brutal finish!

• X-Force finally faces the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants all together!

My Thoughts

I’m ready for a new story arc. This last one just didn’t do it for me and almost made me drop the tile. I have faith in Remender’s talent that he can bring the book back to it’s former glory. Remember how awesome those first 12 issues were? So f’ing good! Let’s hope it get back to that soon before I drop it like it’s hot.

4. Action Comics #13 – DC Comics

Written by: Grant Morrison & Sholly Fisch

Drawn by: Travel Foreman & Brad Walker

• You won’t want to miss the return of Krypto!

• Superman must face down a threat from the Phantom Zone – with the help of The Phantom Stranger!

• Grant Morrison makes a major change in ACTION COMICS in this special issue featuring art by Travel Foreman!

My Thoughts

Come on Grant Morrison! Stop this shit and get it together and write us some good Superman stories!!!!!!

3. Daredevil: End of Days #1 – Marvel Comics

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis & David Mack

Drawn by:  Klaus Janson, David Mack, Alex Maleev, & Bill Sienkiewicz

• Revealed at last…how it ends for the Man without Fear! In the near future, investigative reporter Ben Urich has one last story to write–what was Matt Murdock’s the final secret?

• A story years in the making brought to you by some of the greatest creators in Daredevil history!

My Thoughts

I never read any of the Mack/Maleev Daredevil but I know it was a stellar run and one of the high points of the characters history. The current Daredevil by Mark Wade is nothing like that run, so fans of the darker world of Matt Murdock will definitely want to pick up this “the end of Daredevil” future story.

2. Before Watchmen: Rorschach #2 – DC Comics

Written by: Brian Azzarello

Drawn by: Lee Bermejo

“Look over your shoulder. Someone is following.”

My Thoughts

This is one of the Before Watchmen series that I feel doesn’t quite capture the voice of the original characters that Alan Moore gave us back in 1987. This Rorschach is more a psycho and “unstable”. Not that Moore’s version of him was one of happiness and light, he was still one fucked up dude, but he still had a humanity underneath all that grime. Here, Azzrello is giving us something more along the lines of The Punisher meets Jeffery Dalmer.

1. The Boys # 71 – Dynamite Comics

Written by: Garth Ennis

Drawn by: Russ Braun

High above the streets of New York City, Hughie and Butcher reach the end of the line. There’s blood to be spilled and truth to be heard.

The last Boys storyline reaches its conclusion, in the sixth and final part of The Bloody Doors Off.

My Thoughts

So I have only read the first 12 issues of The Boys and I liked what I read, but then the series got halted due to switching comic companies, and I never picked it back up. And now the series is coming to an end. I’m sure I’ll pick up the trades and get caught up on Garth Ennis’ take on the Super Hero genre – and if you know Ennis’ takes on things, you know it’s not your normal comic. The stuff these super heroes do!!!! Jesus!


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