The Best Comic Book Covers! September 2012

Comic book covers need to grab your eye right from the get go. They need to make you stop and pick up that comic and go, “Shit, I need to buy this.” Here are the 5 best comics that did just that in the month of September.

5. Avengers Assemble #7

This cover takes full advantage of every inch of the paper, giving us a giant Thanos with his fist taking up most of the space. The reflections of The Avengers in Thanos’ knuckles is a nice touch.


#4. Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #3

With the logo being vertical on the left hand side, Jae Lee perfectly enhances it with a downward facing Comedian – his cigar and gun also vertical. The empty space colored red captures our eyes first and draws us in further.


#3. Daredevil #18

Pablo Rivera makes an almost completely black cover pop and pulsate with life – showing us the inner workings of Matt Murdock. I also love the Logo filling up with blood. Nice touch and excellent cover.


#2. Wolverine and the X-Men #17

Covers with word balloons went the way of the dinosaurs around 1990-91. But recently there have been a few covers that are resurrecting it and giving us older comic book collectors a nice sense of nostalgia.  


#1. Hawkeye #2

Just like the Daredevil cover using black, this one does the reverse with white. The cross made by the arrows and Hawkeye himself is our “target” and we follow the lines right into the first page of the comic. Brilliant art.


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