31 Days of Halloween! #24. The Evil Dead

I’m counting down my favorite 31 Horror Movies of all time. Every day this month I’ll feature one movie from my list – starting on Oct 1st with #31 and ending  on the Oct 31st, Halloween, with my #1 favorite scary movie.




#25. The Evil Dead (1981)

Directed by: Sam Raimi

Starring: Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker

Plot: Five friends go up to a cabin in the woods, where they find unspeakable evil lurking in the forest. They find a tome called the “Naturan Demanto”, Book of the Dead, and the taped translation of the text. Once the tape is played, the evil is released. One by one, the teens are possessed. With only one remaining, it is up to him to survive the night and battle the evil dead.

My Thoughts

This film use to be the Holy Grail of horror movies back in the ’80’s. I remember scanning the video stores trying to locate a copy of this “banned in England” film. I mean, if this shit was banned in England it’s gotta be scary as hell! Even on the box it has a quote from Stephen King about this movie being the most terrifying thing he’s ever seen! Well fuck, I’m sold. Now I just have to convince Mom to rent it for me. Luckily Mom didn’t study the box too much and I went home with Evil Dead under my arms. I couldn’t wait! And it didn’t disappoint, this movie is balls-to-wall horror and never lets up. Raimi took years to finish this glorified home-movie – years and a butt-load of talent. There are a lot of moments in Evil Dead that have been ripped off over the years by other horror movies, but the best rip-off was done by Raimi himself when a few years later he remade the film as Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn – an even more crazy-as-fuck film, with better effects and laughs. But it all starts here. (ignore rumors about Raimi doing another remake next year. It’s bullshit)


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