Terrence Malick is making too many movies!

Once upon a time, Terrence Malick made one movie every 10 years – but the last 2 years dudes been cranking them out. That’s not to say that he has succumbed to quantity over quality, Malick’s style is still awesome and his talent is still incredible and better then most directors out there.

He is currently filming a movie with Ryan Gosling and Michael Fassbender – two excellent actors and two of my personal favorites. The film, as of yet has no title (although the title “Lawless” as been thrown around) deals with a love story set in the Austin, Texas music scene (of which I have a couple of friends that are part of said scene).

Austin music scene? Gosling and Fassbender? Malick? Sheeeeeeeeiiiiiiit, not sure this movie could get much cooler.

Ryan and Michael on the set of Malick’s new film


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