31 Days of Halloween! #11. The Fog

I’m counting down my favorite 31 Horror Movies of all time. Every day this month I’ll feature one movie from my list – starting on Oct 1st with #31 and ending  on the Oct 31st, Halloween, with my #1 favorite scary movie.




#11. The Fog (1980)

Directed by: John Carpenter

Starring: Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis, John Houseman, Janet Leigh, Hal Holbrook

Plot: The centennial of the small town of Antonio Bay, California has finally arrived. However, the events of 100 years ago are about to come back to haunt the town, because a conspiracy of the town’s founders resulted in the deaths of several lepers in a shipwreck. The conspirators had planned to lure the lepers’ ship towards the rocks so that it would sink, and they could recover the cargo of gold and use it to pay for building the town. The sinister plot succeeded when a fog rolled in, blinding the crew, and forcing them to follow the false fire on shore. Now the ghosts of the Elizabeth Dane’s crew are back – and so is the fog that led them to their doom. Only now, it conceals and protects the ghosts of the crew, as they seek their revenge on the residents of Antonio Bay.

My Thoughts:

The first time I saw The Fog was at my friend Brian’s house. I was spending the night and we watched the movie with headphones on, as to not disturb his parents. The movie is spooky as hell and my 2nd favorite John Carpenter film. The scenes that stick out the most and that I recall a lot are the landscape ones – the shots of the Northern California hill scape’s and winding coast side roads at dusk – you just get the feeling that those areas are haunted and hold something otherworldly. Afterwards, waking up early to go to school in the winter months, and the fog still hanging on the ground, it always gave me goosebumps.


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