31 Days of Halloween! #2. Salem’s Lot

I’m counting down my favorite 31 Horror Movies of all time. Every day this month I’ll feature one movie from my list – starting on Oct 1st with #31 and ending  on the Oct 31st, Halloween, with my #1 favorite scary movie.




#2. Salem’s Lot (1979)

Directed by: Tobe Hooper

Starring: David Soul, James Mason, Bonnie Bedelia, Lew Ayres

Plot: Salem’s Lot is a town which a new member, Mr. Straker, has taken as his new “home”, and has a mysterious partner, namely Mr. Barlow. Not too long after Straker arrives in Salem’s Lot, people start disappearing from sight and dying from odd causes, and no one is sure why, including Ben Mears who is in town to write a new book on the town’s rumored haunted house called the Marsten House, which overlooks the town and hides a terrible secret about to be unleashed.

My Thoughts

All totaled I figure I lost about 582 hours of sleep thanks to the Salem’s Lot mini series. I was 8 when this this made for TV movie first aired and I remember my parents would not let me watch it – but I did see the ad’s in the TV Guide and paperback book in Safeway showing the vampire Barlow, in all his Nosferatu glory. But it really wasn’t Barlow that haunted my pre-teen nights, it was the other vampires in the movie – the townsfolk that have been bitten by Barlow and turned into the most appalling bloodsucking undead creatures ever shown in film. These vampires are unholy abominations that exist only to feed and damn the living to hell. This is how vampires should be portrayed  I’ve railed for years about how I hate the “romantic” vampire – I mean, there are some movies out there were it shows that vampire curse to be almost the opposite – that being a vampire is pretty awesome! You get to stay up all night, fly, turn into bats and wolfs, get to have sex with hot chicks, can’t die, live forever, mind control people, shit man, if this the case fucking turn me into a vampire RIGHT NOW! But in Salem’s Lot being a vampire is possibly the worst thing that could ever happen to a human being. It does not look fun. Anyway, yeah I love this movie. I still get the chills when the kid vampire floats outside the window of his friend, scratching at the window, asking to be let in. I mean, just writing that sentence I got creeped out. Stay away from the Rob Lowe remake – it’s bullshit – stick with this one. In fact, go out right now and buy this at your local video store or record store or wherever you can find old DVD’s for sale and watch it tonight. It’s the perfect film to get you in the mood for Halloween tomorrow. It’ll be playing tonight at my house for sure.



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