New Music Monday!

Who says New Music Monday has to be a song that just came out? I sure didn’t, it just needs to be NEW, and this weekend I heard a song that, although it came out in 2006, was brand spanking new to me.

Band – Califone

Song – “The Orchids” – from the album Roots & Crowns (2006)

One of the the great things about music is, if you keep your ears open you will discover an old, unheard song that imprints itself on your life and the moments that propel us forward and wash away the pain. Yeah life is hard sometimes and horrible shit happens, but life also gives us this….


New Music Monday!

Is your life going nowhere because you are listing to the same old shit? Never fear and look no further – Mandelbrots New Music Monday’s are here to save the day and your life.

Band: Tame Impala

Song:Apocalypse Dreams” – from the the album Lonerism

This band burst on the scene back in 2010 with a sweet sound that made you think of the very best of the psychedelic heyday of the late ’60’s, early ’70’s. Things haven’t changed much a couple of years, and mushroom caps, later with their new release Lonerism. They are still channeling their inner Pink Floyd with stunning results. No need to drop that acid son, just throw on some Tame Impala and flick that lava lamp on –  get ready to have your mind blown.

New Music Monday

Another Monday, another awesome new song.

Aritst: Neil Halstead

Song: “Full Moon Rising” – from the album Palindrome Hunches

I’ve loved this dude since he first came on the scene back in 1991 with his band Slowdive – one of the best of the Shoegazer bands to sprout from that early 90’s crazy. Seemed everywhere you looked in 1991 a new “soaked in digital delay” band was staring at their feet, ripping off My Bloody Valentine and RIDE. But the dudes, and gal, in Slowdive had more going on then just effect pedals – there was actual songwriting there courtesy of Neil Halstead. Over the years  his songwriting skill is has gotten even better and it is evident here on Halsteads latest solo release. This song is beautiful and hearkens the best of Nick Drake. Listen for yourself.

New Music Monday

Monday’s suck. So why not post a new song every Monday that is sure to drive the suckiness away? Sounds like a great idea.

Here’s a tune I’ve been rockin’ a lot lately.

Band: Ice Choir

Song: “I Want You Now and Always”

Lovely song that echo’s the best of the ’80’s pop bands – even Wham (come on, they were pretty good when they first came out. If you tell me you didn’t like “Wake My Up Before You Go Go” then I’ll call you a liar.)

There is so much happening within this song that a lesser adapt listener might be inclined to think it’s overkill, but I love the “everything but the kitchen sink” approach and it makes for something new to catch on every play. Make sure you make it to the 3:00 minute mark for a sweet little guitar solo that will charm the pants off of you.